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Headstands and Carrot Halva

January 15, 2014
Shree Beeja
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Headstands and Carrot HalvaFasting, in India, means missing one meal, or only eating fruit. Tonight's fast included homemade French fries and carrot halva, with red carrots from our garden in Rampura! (I can really enjoy fasting in India!) Like most Westerners, my first exposure to the Rajasthani desert left me perplexed. What do these people eat?! After a few meals at the ashram I realized there is food all around me....great food! An ...

Lessons from Avi and Sheela

January 01, 2014
Shree Beeja
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AviI returned to the U.S. to visit family and friends for the holidays: New York, Michigan, and Iowa. I moved around lot, conducted a yoga program in my home town, and talked to some High School World History students about how Hinduism and Buddhism shaped India's history. It was an early honor to bring home what I've learned since living in India. When I returned to the airport for my return flight I discovered that the flight was cancelled ...


January 01, 2014
Suraj Darshan
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ChangesSince Diwali ended the weather is changing - the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Change is a universal rule, and because of it, the world is more beautiful. The cycles of the moon reminds us of the dynamism of the solar system, of which we are a part. From the seed to a mighty tree, from a small blossom becomes a flower, and in the end all are finished and b ...