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Ghee, The Yummy is in The Science

April 12, 2017
Dal Days
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Woman with milk

By Nicola Callan

A meal in India would not be complete without Ghee: the more the better. "What is Ghee" you may be wondering? Ghee is a saturated fat which is made from cow's milk. It is regarded as very important in India both due ...

Aloe Magic In My Belly!

January 12, 2017
Dal Days
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By Shreejan Sita

Aloe vera has been used in Rajasthan for thousands of years to sooth digestive “inconsistencies”, regulate the immun ...

Bajra Sogra and Millet

October 11, 2016
Dal Days
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By Nicola Callan

Millet is a seed from the grass family whose origins trace back to Western Africa. Its culinary use spread to Egypt and Greece and is found as a crop source in India and China from 2300BC.

Being ...

Dal Days

November 17, 2015
Dal Days
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Dal Days web header

By Luisa Gardin

It was on Sunday. The first time that I tasted the black dal here in Ashram, it was on Sunday. A true love was born.

I ate two cat ...