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Karma Yoga – Stepping Into the Stream

February 15, 2014
Shree Beeja
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karma-yoga"Give yourself up – it is the best way of finding yourself." The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram I arrived a little early to lead yoga class this morning so I sat in the garden enjoying the early sun for awhile. With my eyes closed I listened to Kabu’s broom as she swept the grass clean of fallen leaves and debris. She joins us at the ashram when she can, doing whatever seva is required – and is persi ...

10 Days Spiritual ‘Quarantine’

February 01, 2014
Shree Beeja
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buddhaDid you ever wonder what Buddha was thinking about all those years while he sat under the Bodhi tree in India? His nose! It's true. Focusing on the tip of the nose is the first stage of the meditation method he discovered and taught to millions in northeastern India around 400 BCE. It is called Vipassana, which means insight into the true nature of reality. The method is now being taught at Vipassana centers around the world. Last ...